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As the experts we have compiled a list of articles to help you in preparing to sell, pricing, and moving out of your home. If you have specific questions or want to talk to a professional please do not hesitate to fill out the form below and we will be sure to help you with all your real estate needs and questions.


Sellers InformationSellers Information


Help For Home Sellers

If you're ready to talk about selling your home, please fill out our online request form and one of our knowledgeable representatives will contact you directly.

Am I Priced To Sell

Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. Although the price is set by you, the seller, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Don't allow your enthusiasm to warp your judgment and lead to overpricing - a mistake you can't afford to make.

How Long to Sell My Home

Unfortunately, there is no magic time frame when it comes to selling real estate. Some properties sell before a sign hits the front yard, and others may sit for months before the first offer comes in. Your REALTOR® can provide you with the average days on the market.

FREE Home Evaluation

We will conduct a thorough comparative market analysis by searching the database of all homes listed or sold in your area. With this current market data, we will be able to determine what your house should sell for if you decided to put it on the market.

Prices In Your Area

It is good to understand how many houses have sold in our geographical area compaired to past years in order to determine what the popularity in the area is.

Determining Your Home Market Value

Determining the market value of your home, Now that you have made the decision to sell your home, it is time to determine its asking price.

For Sale By Owner

A quality real estate representative doesn't cost...it pays! Contact us for more information or if you have any questions!

Interviewing a REALTOR®

It is important to be confident in your REALTOR®, here is a list of questions you can ask to help you decide if the person you are talking to is the best professional for you.

Answers to Sellers Questions

Whether you're selling your home for the first-time, or you've been through the process more than once, you'll have questions.

To Upsize?

Upsizing can be a great way to change your lifestyle to be more open and less-claustrophobic. This article goes through the pros and cons of upsizing.

To Downsize?

There is nothing wrong with downsizing to a smaller and more affordable home. For many, it can be a good financial decision that will enable you to save more money in the long run.

Energy Saving Tips

Here are some simple and easy energy saving tips that will create a comfortable living environment in your home.

Real Estate Glossary

Find helpful definitions to real estate terms by visiting this page for a helpful real estate glossary list.


Relocation InformationRelocation Information


Relocating to Our Area

Relocating can be hard on anyone involved, for helpful information or tips on how to relocate easier visit this page and we will be happy to help you.

Our Local Area

Are you thinking of moving to our area? Learn more about our area and find links to homes for sale in each City/Town.


Whether you choose to hire outside professionals or you choose to do it yourself, being prepared will ultimately make the move much smoother.

Planning Your Move

While buying or renting a new home can bring joy and excitement, most people can agree that moving from one home to another, especially for the first time, can be troublesome. Moving can be stressful, and you can go crazy just because you were ill-prepared.

Self-Moving Advice & Tips

Moving by yourself and not with the assistance of a moving company can be a practical option.

Hiring a Moving Company

There's always the risk of finding a less-reputable mover who can end up costing you more money and time than you wanted.

Moving with Children

With your care, guidance and positivity, the process of moving with your children will be enjoyable for them.

Home Staging HelpFor Home Staging


Home Staging Help

The longer you have lived in your home the more things you will have acquired. Let us help you save Time, Money and Energy.

Home Improvements

Many factors will affect the appraiser's opinion of these improvements including, location, age of home and quality of improvement.

Staging Your Home For Sale

Selling your home isn't the easiest thing to do, but with a little bit of work and re-organization, it can become a smoother process.

Staging Your Kitchen for Sale

With some refreshing and de-cluttering, you could make your kitchen a shining part of your home something that buyers love.

Staging Your Living Room for Sale

Similarly to all the other rooms in your home, staging your living room is a vital aspect of resale.

Painting Your Home

When you're selling your home, you want to make it as appealing and enticing as possible, and it starts with the most basic principle: color.

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